The plants and machineries used in our companies are modern and upgraded by new technology. The plants are installed at which place that decrease unnecessary work of the employees and labors. The raw material of the company is raw cotton. The availability of the raw material is seasonal but big farmers and traders who store that raw material and make available to them throughout the year can obtain it. The more importance is given to the quality rather than the quantity of products.

SHIVSHAKTI GROUP OF COMPANIES obtains its raw material direct from the big farmers at desired quantity and uses it into the production. Our experienced purchase team goes across Gujarat State in Cotton growing areas and personally purchases raw cotton directly from farmers. During this buying process, they check the necessary aspect of raw cotton like Mic, strength, length, moisture to ensure the quality.

First of all raw cotton lying at the ginning shed carries to the Cody cleaner through Box storage system by conveying belt.

Cody cleaner being operated by electric motor, it removes contamination from the cotton.

Through the Cody cleaner, raw cotton sent to Gin House with belt system.

Conveyer belt move and supply cotton into the Ginning Machine by sensor system. This is the main process of ginning. It being operated by electric motor. From this process, machine produces "cotton" and "cotton seed " from the raw cotton.

Through automatic system called PLC system, "cotton" produced by the entire Ginning machine sent to the super cleaner, by bucket. And cottonseeds being taken to the oil mill department through conveyer system and elevator.

After cleaning the cotton at the super cleaner, it carries to the press house with the help of blower and belt conveyor system.

At the fully automatic press that operated with motor, full pressed bales are being prepared, binding it with plastic strap and covered with cotton cloth. At last after being weight automatically it carries through trolley, stored at the godown, and compound.

The capacity of cotton bales are 800 cotton bales per day. One Ginning machine can produce 10 cotton bales per day. There are 80 machines in our both factories. Therefore, the total productions of cotton bales are 800 cotton bales (80*10) per day.

Group of Companies

  • Shivshakti Ginning & Pressing Factory
  • G.B. Cotton Industries.

Quality Control

"Our performance parameter speaks louder than words"

We strive to achieve higher grades of quality in all products, services, meet with the expectations of our customers, and thereby earn their respect & trust. We always maintain our manufacturing process and service. To ensure reliability, we check and test each lot at reputed HVI testing laboratories. We are open to checking of quality by buyer‘s representative before shipment if they wish.

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